Could This Be Love - Vocals by Baby Aces, J. Stalin. D Myers. Music composed by Shranny. Strings and West Coast synth by Fionda. Produced by Kimo Kaulani, Khapora Records. copyright 2014.

NMD Films
Ultra Bug by Shranny
Jungle Love Link
DMac Dallaz
"Finally Made It" Taj-He-Spitz Pro2col & Baby Aces (New 2012 Hit Single)
"Dream Money" PRO2COL x Metro x Dmac Dollaz (Back to the Future)

DMac Dollaz B2B & Baby Aces ILLUMINATI


Baby Aces Ft. DMac Dollaz - For The Ladies


Groove (2000) Official Trailer #1 - Greg Harrison Movie HD

Movies we have Produced for.


Kill Bill: Volume 1

Movies we have Produced for.

City of Borders Trailer

Movies we have Produced for.

Love you bro! fucking lucky I met you!!. - thx 2 D.


Eluha Grit 2 Glory ft DMac Dollaz


PRO2COL | d(-_-)b

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Tools of My Trade

Cant live without. The ultimate audio tuning software


Great set of audio tools. iZotope Studio great for mastering.


Live lets me track fast and not loose the flow of it.


Got to say the name to get the clients in the door ;)


The first sequencer I ever used and still use today.


Nothing better then electric pianos.


I use this all the time.


Let the healing begin.


Drums in a tenth the time.